Stampezy has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. It only works at particpating vendors that use our magical plastic stamp.

If you are having trouble collecting stamps try the following:

  • 1. Hold the phone while stamping

    Our stamps work by passing conductive charge from a persons body, through our stamp, to a phone. If the phone is grounded on a desk or counter sometimes the stamp won't work. This is easily fixed by simply holding the phone in your hand while it's being stamped.

  • 2. Rotate or slide the stamp

    If you are holding the phone as mentioned in #1 above, if the stamp still isn't registering try dragging the stamp across the phone screen, or rotating it a little while touching the screen.

  • 3. Are you using a HTC Device?

    HTC devices ship with a really annoying setting that prevents any app from using more than 3 multi-touch points. Because our stamps work using multi-touch, you need to disable this setting in order to collect stamps.

    Step 1: Open the 'Settings' menu

    Step 2: Scroll to and open 'Displays and Gestures'

    Step 3: Uncheck the 'Media gesture' setting

    HTC phones often come shipped with this setting toggled 'on'. Simply toggle it 'off' to enable Stampezy stamp functionality

    Step 4. Try your Stamp again

    You should now see your stamps register on your HTC device. Yay!

    If it still fails please try #2 above, or complete our Feedback form to log your issue.

If it still fails, complete our

Feedback form